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Welcome to the Loveland High School Robotics FIRST Team 1977 the Powersquids!
We are a student led program dedicated to investigating, planning, creating, and leading.

We compete in the annual FIRST Robotics competition each Spring at Denver University. Starting from scratch, each year we brainstorm and collaborate to create a robot in six weeks to compete. Aside from competing, we also host a summer camp to provide younger students with an opportunity to build and run through the design process similar to our team for competition.

Member Quotes

"The Loveland Robotics team is efficient, proficient, sufficient, omniscient and hard-working. When I joined the robotics team as a young man (oh, it seemed to be a lifetime ago), I saw the promise and dedication in the faces and work-ethic of these individuals known to me now as my peers."
- Programming Team Co-Captain, Dylan (2020 grad)

"Robotics is super awesome!"
- CAD Team Member, Lexi (2021 grad)

"Being a part of the Loveland High Robotics Team has tought me what dedication and commitment realy means, even through the hardships."
- Aux Captian, Will (2020 grad)