About the PowerSquids!!

Loveland High Robotics aka “The PowerSquids” is a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Loveland High School students who build robots to compete in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. (FRC)

The FIRST Robotics Competition is a competition between high school teams and the robots they build. See the FIRST web site (www.firstinspires.org) for more details.

Our team is first and foremost student led, organized and we try our best to build the robot with as little outside help as possible. Because of this we get to be super creative in the ways we build each robot for our competition! This includes pushing the boundaries of 3D printed parts (yes a 3D printed PLA hook will support a 100 lb robot) , CNC carving different materials for parts, to sticking with the tried and true mecanumns drive train. We currently have over 50 students in the three different levels of the program. Starting back in 2006, we have grown from a small after school club to now having three official classes in which the members can gain high school credit in. Robotics In School for the beginners, Robotics After School for Veterens and newbies who don’t have room in their schedule and Robotics Leadership. Our leadership team has to apply for positions in the spring, interview and then is responsible for the training of skills and building of the robot in the 5 sub teams: Build, Programming, Design, Electrical and Business/Fundraising.

Encouraging student leadership within the team prepares them for leadership roles in the community and at the school. We are an active team which hosts Quarterly FIRST Lego League elementary scrimmages, lead a Thompson School District Robotics Summer Camp and volunteer at local middle school and elementary schools teaching programming and other robotics based topics. Through designing and producing a robot to perform specific tasks, the team members gain a hands-on experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, CAD, fabrication, software programming, business promotion, and project management. Students work collaboratively, think creatively, solve problems, and apply math, science, and engineering skills. This is truly what we strive for in education and the team gives students necessary life skills. Many of our graduating seniors are now pursuing engineering, computer science, biomedical and business related fields.

Mentors, professionals in technical fields and teachers at Loveland High, play an important role in our class. Our mentors supply support, direction, knowledge, and expertise. Through contact with mentors, students are introduced to positive role models and benefit from their contributions. Loveland High Robotics’ mentors include mechanical and electrical engineers, programmers, metal fabricators, CAD experts, business/funds managers, and teachers. Our sponsors are even more important, supplying resources, money, and tools to better our class and robot.

We include and encourage all students to find a spot in Robotics that will help them grow their skills to help the team while also pushing them to work through the myriad of issues that come up when trying to build a robot in 6 weeks. During build season (FRC kick-off until the competition) we meet after school from 3:00-4:30 pm (sometimes longer) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. We also have an in the school day Robotics course that meets for 3.75 hours every week. Even though we don’t meet a lot we make sure to be time efficient and productive during the times we are there! We meet in room 145 the Innovation, Engineering and Design Lab

Come stop by and join the robotics fun!